The life improving gadgets you didn’t know you needed

When you’re shooting through life at what sometimes feels like a million miles an hour, with a million and one things to get done in a day, anything that helps to make things easier is a winner in our books. Luckily, we’ve got technology to give us a helping hand, so we’ve been scouting the internet to find the best and most unusual life improving gadgets. Here are our favourites:

Runaway Alarm Clock

life improving gadgets 1

The snooze button. It’s like your best friend and worst enemy all tied into one. What was supposed to be an innocent 5 minute fling all too quickly turns into an hour-long struggle, usually ending in a frantic rush to leave the house on time.

If you’re all too familiar with the above scenario, this could be a dream (or nightmare, depending on how you look at it) come true; an alarm clock that jumps off your bedside table, runs away and hides until you go and turn it off. It’s not too mean though, you still get one snooze, but after that it’s game over. Brilliant or horrible? We’ll let you decide.

£36.72 (we were a bit confused too) – available here 

Smart Remote

life improving gadgets 2

Everything seems to be getting “smart” these days.  First it was your phone, then your TV, your watch, your heating, your lighting, your kids… you get the point.

If you’ve seen the movie “Click”, this is probably the closest you’ll get to get to Adam Sandler’s magic remote. Like a modern upgrade of a standard “universal remote”, the smart remote can be used to control (almost) anything in your home – Unfortunately it isn’t yet compatible for use with smart mouthed children, nagging partners, or irritating housemates…. A shame, we know. You just point the remote at whatever you want to use, and just like magic, the touch screen will adapt to display the control options.

$229 (around £185) – Pre-order here for August release 


Nap Hoodie

like improving gadgets 3

Calling all fans of the power nap, this hoodie is equipped with an inflatable pillow in the hood for on-the-go snoozing.

From $49.99 (around £40) – Available here 

Smart Coffee Machine 

life improving gadgets 4

We did say everything was getting smart. The “iCoffee” coffee machine connects to your phone for on-demand remote brewing, so you can have a fresh cup waiting when you get up or get home. Running late? Just let the machine know via the app and it will keep your coffee warm until you’re ready. You don’t have to worry about keeping it clean either; it takes care of that itself with the remote self cleaning function.

More of a tea kind of guy? There’s a smart kettle too!

£129.99 – Available here

Scooter Suitcase

life improving gadgets 5

Literally what it says on the tin; A carry on suitcase that doubles as a scooter. Ok, so this probably isn’t the most life-changing of our list, it’s a little on the pricey side too, but imagine the envious looks from passers-by as you’re scooting your way around terminal 2. And yes, it is supposed to be for adults!

$299.99 (around £240) – Available here


life improving gadgets 6

It’s an all too familiar scenario; you’re in a rush to leave, but your keys have decided to play an impromptu game of hide and seek. This clever little device allows you to “call” your keys with your phone, so you can stop those frantic searches. “But I can’t find my bloody phone either!” Fear not. It comes with a button that will make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent. Just make sure you don’t lose that as well!

£22.95 – Available here 


life improving gadgets 8

You might have seen the new “smart fridges” – the ones with the fancy screens that cost an arm and a leg. A “fridge cam” can basically turn any fridge into a smart fridge, without the hefty price tag! The camera links to an app on your phone, so you can see what you’ve got in wherever you are. But that’s not all. The fridge cam also:

  • Automatically adds items you need to buy to your online shopping list
  • Monitors expiration dates and sends you a notification if something is about to go off
  • Sends a reminder to your phone if you’re near a shop and you’ve ran out of something
  • Gives you recipe suggestions based on the contents of your fridge

£99.99 – Available here

Digital Craft Beer Maker That Doubles as a Cooker

life improving gadgets 7

No we’re not kidding. Not only does the Picobrew allow you to automatically brew 5 litres of tasty craft beer in around 2 hours, you can also (unfortunately not at the same time) use it to cook meat and fish. Apparently it’s very tasty!

£699.99 (around £565) – Available here

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