London Fashion Week Men’s AW/17: The Weird and the Wearable

the weirdest and most wearable looks from london fashion week mens

Autumn might seem a long way off yet, but over the weekend the capital was a buzz of menswear devotees for the AW17 London Men’s Fashion week. The four days were filled with events and shows by designers from all over the world, with looks ranging from wonderful, to weird, to full-on WTF.

As with most fashion events, the wearability of a lot of the outfits showcased is questionable to say the least. Can we really see masses of men strutting around wearing bondage harnesses and face scarves come Autumn? We’re going to say no… But amidst the outrageousness, there was also some wearability. With inspiration and styles that even us “normal” people can add to our wardrobes in 2017.

We’ve hand picked our favourite looks, from the weirdest, to the wearable.

The Weirdest

Full face hood

full face hood london fashion week
Alex Mullins (Via

Because being able to see is so last year right? Perhaps this look was made for people who are so stylish and edgy, they can’t deal with the sight of the bland outfits of the general public? It could also be quite handy for avoiding an awkward encounter with your ex at a party… Either way, 10 points for the model for making it down the catwalk collision free.

Winter Y-Fronts

Weirdest looks of london men's fashion week 2017
MAN (Via

Nothing says “fashion” quite like a good old pair of leather pants.


Bobby Abley (Left) Sibling (Right) (via

Interestingly (or slightly worryingly), bondage-esque body harnesses were a feature included by multiple designers. Our general advice for this one is to leave it on the catwalk, unless of course you’re into that sort of thing... or possibly trying to get into Berghain.

Pack Horse Chic

The weirdest looks from London Men's Fashion Week 2017
Christopher Raeburn (Via

This is the poor guy who ends up holding everyone’s bags at the theme park because he doesn’t like big rides.

Whatever on earth this is supposed to be

The weirdest looks from london fashion week for men
MAN (Via

We'll just leave that one there...

The Wearable

Colour Block Jackets

the most wareable looks from LFWM 2017
Christopher Shannon (Left) Liam Hodges (Right) (Via

Structured and stylish. Go as bold as you like with the colours and patterns.

Sharp Layering

sharp layering at london mens fashion week
Matthew Miller (via

We’re all about this classic black on black look by Matthew Miller. 

Relaxed Tailoring

most wearable looks from London mens fashion week
Topman (Left) Oliver Spencer (Centre) E Tauts (Right) (Via

Super relaxed and super comfortable tailoring made lots of appearances across the weekend. Trousers that don’t cut off your blood circulation? Sounds like a winner to us.

Puffa Coats

puffa coats wearable fashion
Liam Hodges (Left) Casley Hayford (Right) (Via

Whether you love them or hate them, it looks like the puffa is here to stay in 2017. If you're not game for the full 90's sport look, tone it down with less "puff" and a smarter fabric. 

Logo Tees

logo tees at London fashion week
Christopher Shannon (via

It's hard to go wrong with a classic logo T-shirt. Hat's off to Christopher Shannon for this blend of humour and style. We feel you!