Q&A – Shave Gel

Q: "Your shave gel isn't as foamy as I'm used to... Why is this?" - Steve P

A: Good question Steve - we know this can take a bit of getting used to, but it's all for good reason, trust us! Whilst a shave gel/cream that leaves you looking like Father Christmas might feel like it's giving you more protection, it's probably doing more harm than good. Generally speaking, these "super-foamy" formulations usually contain a foaming agent called Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). It's known for irritating the skin, stripping it of natural oils and damaging the protective barrier - not exactly what you need when you're pulling a sharp set of blades across your face...

Our danne shave gel has a natural formulation which works to keep your skin happy and protected. Soothing Aloe Vera helps to combat post-shave irritation, whilst Witch Hazel keeps bacteria at bay. So please, don't let the lack of foam put you off - it's all for a good reason - and as they say, less is more!
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