What to pack in your carry-on bag (guest post)

This week's post is all about keeping your travels stress free. Josh Haokip from The Idle Man shares his secrets on how to pack a killer carry on bag:

Whether you're travelling on a long haul flight over the Atlantic to Hawaii, or flying over the English Channel to Paris, deciding what to pack in your carry-on can be quite a daunting proposition for most of us. Having travelled to many destinations over the years (the last one being to Myanmar), I have always found that packing a carry-on can be just as hard, if not harder, than packing my luggage. Now after years of experience, I have devised my very own comprehensive list of carry-on essentials for any would be traveller.

Packing clothes in your carry-on

I’ve had the unfortunate experience, a couple of years ago, of having my luggage separated from me on during my flight to Thailand. With only a carry-on, I was forced to buy some t-shirts and joggers at a nearby shopping centre. The whole ordeal was frustrating and exhausting!

To avoid this traumatic experience, I would definitely suggest packing some essential clothing items in your carry-on. In order to utilise this tip successfully, I recommend packing clothes that offer maximum comfort and flexibility so that whilst on your flight you can change into your comfy clothes without any hassle.

Here are some items I would suggest for you carry-on:

Packing accessories in your carry-on

Flights can be quite dull even at the best of times. With everyone on different sleeping patterns, it's almost impossible to have a conversation with anyone. So, I would suggest planning for long hours of alone time when you decide what you will pack in your carry-on.

Besides the obvious laptops, phones and tablets, I’ve put together a few items that will accommodate your long flight journeys as well as be a great addition to your trip.

  1. Sunglasses: It’s not a holiday unless you’ve packed some sunglasses in your carry-on. This piece of equipment will be essential during long hours of sunlight.
  2. Phone Charger: If you plan on going on long walks during your trip then I would suggest you take The Native Union Jump Cable in your carry-on. This will play the role of both charger and battery pack.
  3. Headphones: Who doesn't love music? Doesn't matter if you love grime, rock or even classical - a good pair of headphones are an essential item to pack in your carry-on.

Packing toiletries in your carry-on

So you’ve got your money, documents and your spare clothes now all you need are your toiletries. 

At grüum, all the products are travel sized: so there will be no problems when entering through security.

Here's 3 of their travel essentials:

  1. Face Wash: A definite must have when travelling as it will help keep that natural tan on longer.
  2. Moisturiser: This will help smooth and hydrate your skin enabling you to look good all day and night.
  3. Toner: When packing your carry-on, a toner may not necessarily be on your list, however, once packed you will forever be grateful. The toner will help reduce shine in hot weather as well as soothing your skin after a day in the sun.

Overall, try to be as efficient as possible when you pack your carry-on, as you want to be able to rely on it for convenience as well as for emergencies. Hopefully, next time you travel you’ll be able to avoid the common mistakes many people make when they pack their carry-on.

Josh Haokip is the Community Manager over at The Idle Man, an online menswear retailer dedicated to providing advice from fashion, lifestyle, music and grooming as well as catering to brands such as Barbour, Levi’s and The Idle Man label.

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